Incense from all over the world

Our collection of incense encompasses a wide array of aromas. Some of our most popular selections include Indian Temple, Hem, Darshan, Goloka, Sage, Smudge, Morning Star, Flute, Cone, Resin, Satya Sai Baba Nag Champa, Palo Santo, Hand Roll from Japan, Hand Roll from Tibet, Hand Roll from Thailand, Natural, Flower, Divine Flora, Satya Series, Citronella the natural repellents, Anti-Stress, Anti-Tobacco, Relaxation, Meditation, Tranquility, Aromatoka, Balaji Agarbatthi, SAC Brand, Govinda Brand, Song of India, and much more!

What is INCENSE?

Typically made from a combination of plant material and essentials, incense has been used for centuries by different cultures all over the world. Some notable civilizations that have used incense in the past include, but are not limited to, the Maya, ancient Egyptians and the Babylonians. The term refers to the material itself, rather than to the aroma that it produces. Even nowadays, incense continues to be popular across the globe, often utilized for aesthetic, therapeutic, meditation or ceremonial purposes. Nevertheless, there are other simpler and more common uses of incense such as to deodorize an area or to ward off insects

Two main methods of incense burning include indirect-burning and direct-burning. Indirect-burning, also known as non-combustible incense, is unable to burn alone, requiring a separate heat source. On the other hand, direct-burning, or combustible incense, is lit with a direct flame. Then, the user fans or blows out the flame, leaving a glowing and thus releasing the fragrance.

 For over two thousand years, the Chinese have used incense in religious ceremonies, ancestor veneration, Traditional Chinese medicine, and daily life.

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Burning Asian Incense Smoke