Crystal Energy Grids

Crystal grids are sacred geometrical symbols represented repeatedly in nature and used to amplify the energies of crystals placed on it. Crystal gridding has become a very popular form of meditation and healing. Anyone can create a crystal grid with the right intentions! Now let’s get into how it all works…

Crystal Energy Grids

Crystal grids are activated by the combined energies of the crystals selected and placed in your grid, how you lay them out, and the intentions you set for it. A crystal grid is an intuitively selected and arranged set of crystals placed typically on a drawn-out grid and you program them with intentions to manifest the desired result. These grids are typically placed on geometric patterns such as the seed and flower of life. Crystal grids are amazing tools for healing, love, protection or to manifest something. Using a crystal grid can sometimes be more effective than just working with one crystal because the combination and repetition of crystals enhance the energies provided.

Crystal Energy Grids

Lots of crystals have their own geometric structure so placing them on a grids geometric structure amplifies the energy of each individual crystal. When it comes to picking out which crystals you will need for your grid, think of adding crystals that you already use to manifest on the daily. A protection grid is a great starter grid to place in your home. Think of crystals such as selenite or black tourmaline which everyone uses normally for purification and protection. Crystal grids are all based on intention and manifestation.

Crystal grids give off of the energy they receive they feel your intention and act accordingly. The first step to creating your own crystal grid is to decide what intention you want to manifest into your life. Choose crystals that align with your intention doing so will enhance the energy effect. For example, if you are looking to attract the abundance you want to incorporate green or yellow crystals in your grid. There is no right or wrong crystal to choose for your grid, just select what calls to you.


Tools you will need to create your grid:

  • A location

  • A centerpiece crystal typically a tower

  • Tumbled or raw stones to place around

  • 1 selenite wand

Before setting up your crystal grid you should cleanse your space and the crystals you are using in your grid with palo santo or sage. Sit by your grid and say your intentions out loud or simply visualize them as you cleanse your space. When placing your crystals upon your grid start outwards towards the center. As you place the crystals keep in mind the intentions you are setting for this grid.

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