Lucky Eye

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The evil eye is known as a curse that one carries and is not aware of, no one knows who may possess this ill will. Wearing or owning an evil eye talisman protects its owner against the evil eye. Legends say that if the owner wears an evil eye bracelet and the bracelet falls or breaks it served its purpose and protected you from the evil eye. If you do not already own an evil eye talisman, we recommend everyone carry one with them! These eyes also make great gifts for family and friends to let them know you care and want them to stay protected at all times.

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The evil eye originated in Greece. Originally given the name “Nazar” and nowadays is known as “Evil Eye” is about 5000 years old. Evil eyes can be dated back to the Paleolithic era.
The evil eye is one of the most symbolic structures in the entire world. Almost every country in the world and religion has adopted the legend of the evil eye, such as Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Buddhism, and Christianity. Although the evil eye has many different variations in cultures, the evil eye keeps roughly the same meaning. Did you know “The evil eye” is not just a legend, it was a way of life for the entire world for centuries.
Many cultures believe that the eye protects its owner from evil spirits, jealously, misfortune, and ‘ill’ will of others.

This talisman is worn on the body as jewelry; earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Sometimes people might even place this talisman inside their home. For example, above the front door so that negative energy can be repelled out of our home.

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Dark blue is traditionally known for good karma, positive energies, and protection against jealously.

Light blue symbolizes truth, solitude, peace, and broadening your perspective.

Red symbolizes courage and helps to overcome obstacles.

Pink symbolizes relaxation, protects from friendships, and feeling content.

Orange symbolizes happiness, protection, motivation for commitment, and increases creativity and playfulness.

Yellow symbolizes health, relief from exhaustion helps with sharpening the mind and concentration.

Purple symbolizes re-balancing your life, helps boost your imagination and remove obstacles.

Dark green symbolizes balance in your life, freedom to pursue new ideas, and garners happiness.

Light green symbolizes enjoyment and contentment, good health, and success with your dreams.


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